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In tonight’s study, we take a look at how God used an ordinary man by the name of Ananias to heal, minister to, and baptize Saul. We then see how Saul’s radical conversion transforms him from a highly respected Pharisee into a hated Christian among the Jewish people.
In tonight’s study, we look at how Phillip was then called to the desert where the Holy Spirit will use him to minister to Ethiopian official who was seeking God. Then in the beginning of chapter nine, we will see how God met Saul of Tarsus on the way to Damascus and reveals Himself to Saul resulting in Saul’s conversion.
In this study, we take a look at how Saul led the charge to persecute the early Christians and from that persecution, arose one of the greatest movements of the early church, the scattering of Christians throughout Judea and Samaria. We will also learn a little more about Phillips ministry in Samaria and how God used him to build a bridge between the Samaritans and the apostles which resulted in many saved, healed, baptized and joy filled new believers in churches throughout Samaria.
In this study, we take a look at how Stephen’s witness to the Sanhedrin, the longest address in the Book of Acts is also the most important one. Anointed by the Holy Spirit, Stephen's message cut to their hearts. Their illustrious fathers, whom they loved to brag about, had consistently missed the will of God and failed to comprehend the plan of God. And to make it all worse, Stephen accused them of being worse than their forefathers in the continuous rejections of God’s will and God’s chosen deliverers.
In this study, we take a look at how the enemy tried to create a division from within and distract the Apostles from prayer and the ministry of the Word.…
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