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In this study, we will read the first sermon by Paul recorded in Acts. We also see the transition of leadership from Barnabas to Paul. And most importantly, we see how Paul effectively preached the Word of God and how the first church in Galatia was started in just a couple of weeks.
In this study, we will read about the leaders in Antioch, the Church’s first missions team, Barnabas, Saul and John Mark. In this passage we will witness as they arrive at their first two primary destinations on the Island of Cyprus. Most importantly, we see how the Holy Spirit led, filled, and empowered the missionaries making it effective, and powerful.
In this study, we will read about the martyrdom of James the apostle, and the imprisonment of Peter by Herod Agrippa, the miraculous deliverance of Peter out of prison by the ministry of an angel, & the death of Herod in the height of his pride by the stroke of an angel, the minister of God’s justice.
In this study, we look at how God used a variety of people and gifts to start His church in Antioch, which would now become the central mission sending church for the rest of the book of Acts.
In this study, we look at how God poured out His Holy Spirit on the Gentiles and how the church in Judea began to come to terms with the fact that salvation was in fact, for the gentiles as well as the Jews.
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