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In this study, we take a look at how Stephen’s witness to the Sanhedrin, the longest address in the Book of Acts is also the most important one. Anointed by the Holy Spirit, Stephen's message cut to their hearts. Their illustrious fathers, whom they loved to brag about, had consistently missed the will of God and failed to comprehend the plan of God. And to make it all worse, Stephen accused them of being worse than their forefathers in the continuous rejections of God’s will and God’s chosen deliverers.
In this study, we take a look at how the enemy tried to create a division from within and distract the Apostles from prayer and the ministry of the Word.…
In this study, we take a close look at how the enemy responded to the bold preaching of the Apostles, and how they attack came from within, not from the outside. We also witness how God supernaturally released them from jail and with boldness, they went right back to preaching the Gospel.
In this study, we take a close look at the unity of the early church and how they viewed material possessions in relation to one another. We will also look at how God dealt with a very serious sin that Jesus accused the religious leaders of being guilty of, that began to creep into the early church.
In chapter four we will see how Peter and John faced persecution, spoke the word of God with boldness, and with the rest of the church, was filled once again with the power of the Holy Spirit to further preach the Word with boldness in the face of persecution.