So, I’m a Christmas Baby.

And I get asked if I get more than one present for Christmas.

I know it’s an innocent question to make conversation but it bothered me. I feel like I’m stealing from Jesus.

Growing Up and Grown-up Christmas

Growing up, my mom would make an effort to make Christmas special. I come from a generous large family that unselfishly lavished us with gifts.

As a grown-up then becoming a stay-at-home mom, I wrestled with not being able to give people gifts like I used to when I was single and working. You know, like Pastor Kevin was sharing, he was expected to give 40 people gifts with $10 starting when he was 5 years old! I began to put a value on my gifts with the sticker price. Shopping for my immediate family became such a gut-wrenching experience. I can’t seem to find the perfect gift that matches the price of the gifts I’m giving to people.

A Different Experience

Yesterday, I got to throw a birthday party and share with preschoolers the simple story of God’s greatest gift to us, His Son Jesus Christ. We made a birthday cake out of playdough, pinned baby Jesus on the manger, color-matched gift ribbons and presents, reflected on the colors of the candy cane, and tried to piece together the Christmas narrative using picture cards.

The more you seek Jesus, the more you realize there is more to know about Jesus and to share with those around you. - @nemiona Click To Tweet

As a parent, I know how hard it is to listen to the message at church when your child is CONSTANTLY wriggling and squirming to sit for an hour church service with the adults. I realize now that I wouldn’t have it any other way to spend my birthday weekend knowing that those families were able to hear the message from Pastor Kevin.

The “Good News” really IS a gift that keeps on giving. The more you seek Jesus, the more you realize there is more to know about Jesus and to share with those around you. The Christmas story doesn’t end with baby Jesus in the manger. Jesus IS God. He did and continues to, perform miracles. Yes, even TODAY!

The Comparison Trap

So for those who jump on Social Media feeling empty, it’s ok. You may not match the fancy presents and stunning decorations others have. It’s ok.

Do you have Jesus in your heart? Because you know that expensive 1000 piece Lego set will probably not have all its parts in three weeks. The house that you worked so hard for all those years, and made sacrifices for, can be taken by a fire like the recent California #ThomasFire, in seconds.

In the blink of an eye, all our material possessions return to dust and smoke. Jesus you can take with you for a long time as long as you allow Him into your heart.

My Birthday Wish

If you happen to read this because you wish to greet me a Happy Birthday, can you do me a favor? Can you please say a prayer for those kids in my class yesterday that their homes fully accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior?

Thank you for your birthday greeting and birthday gift to me.

Happy birthday, Jesus!

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