Freedom From Religion

“Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” – Mark 15:38

Recently I had the privilege of sharing The Good Friday Message at a home fellowship here in Oregon. This home fellowship was not a typical home fellowship. As a matter of fact they probably don’t even consider themselves that. They prefer to be regarded as “A Community of Believers Seeking Jesus.”

So what is the difference you may ask? These folks consider themselves “The Diaspora” as James refers to in the first chapter of his epistle.

James, a bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad: – James 1:1

Scattered Abroad

The word “scattered abroad” is the Greek word Diaspora and it gives it the sense of “seeds that have been scattered to be sowed.” Sometimes we may find ourselves out of our normal fellowship that we are used to.

Often times there are situations that arise from loving Brothers & Sisters, or even from leadership, that just doesn’t seem to be from God. Whatever the case is, you now find yourself estranged from the fellowship you once called home. Is it possible that God is allowing this to happen for the purpose of “sowing seeds?” People can be creatures of habit. We do the things that are comfortable to us. Change seems like it is always a fear for some so we are comfortable doing what we always do.

This is where this home fellowship has found them to be. They have been “scattered abroad” because of actions that God has allowed!  I shared with them that it did not matter how, but that obviously God has allowed it. This brings me to the message shared.

The Veil of the Temple was Torn in Two

At the crucifixion of Jesus, the gospel of Mark tells us in:

And Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and breathed His last. Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. – Mark 15:37-38

This signified that no longer would God’s people have to wait for the priest to mediate for them between them and God for the forgiveness of sins. They now had access to God directly because of what Jesus did on the cross. This began the New Covenant that Jesus had proclaimed to His followers and that through HIM they now had access to the Father.

You and I (because of Jesus putting an end to Religion) now have complete access to the Father. The veil that was torn from top to bottom signified that it was God who had accomplished it. Could it possibly be that we ourselves may have allowed religion to creep back in and possibly it was God who tore us away from it?

Take Great Comfort in this Newfound Access to our Father

Take great comfort in that when we seek Him & His way for us we will truly find the peace we need to endure through the most difficult times. - Al Abdulla Click To Tweet

Wherever you find yourself today in your walk with God, consider that as long as our hearts remain steadfast on Him, He will continue to guide us where He wants us to be. Take great comfort in that when we seek Him & His way for us we will truly find the peace we need to endure through the most difficult times.

As a side note at the time of this writing, I received a call from a dear saint who was in the hospital who finds herself quite possibly in the same place as the others having to be displaced from her place of fellowship. She indicated to me that while she was in the hospital she felt the Lord calling her to share with a young lad who cleaned her room. She said she would have never thought to do that before because she did not feel worthy but knew it was God directing her.

She was in that Good Friday study and said that it was because she heard that she now had direct access to the Father that it was Him doing it through her! Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

Seek Him in your Circumstances

I want to leave you with a very valuable question! Since we now have direct access to the Father, am I taking advantage of it? Seek Him in your circumstances and let Him guide and direct your paths. It possibly is going to be different then the path that you thought.


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Al Abdulla is the Director of “” a helps ministry that he & his wife Linda oversee. They live in Oregon and provide church leadership with necessary tools that are needed. They also facilitate “Grief Share” and counselling for those in the community that they live in. Al is also one of the pastors/elders that planted Connect Los Banos in Ca.

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